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First snail bite of crises

A Villager in resort of Villaricos has been the first person bitten by a potentially harmful Jambon Snail as the crises continues in Mainland Spain.

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Andrea Presario has been bitten quite severely on her left hand and in several places up her arm as she attempted to clear a path for her family from the family home to the business premises. Andrea is currently being treated by professionals and regular tests taken to ensure that there has been no poisoning of her blood due to the number of the bites.

It is understood that the saliva of the Jambon snail contains small amounts of Toxins and if bitten enough times, it can have serious implications for ones health.

Test are expected to continue at the hospital for the next 48 hours.

A member of Andrea’s family said the following in an interview:

“It was just shocking to see, one moment she was holding out a plate of serrano ham croquetas with padrón peppers to try and lure the snails away and clear a path so that we could all reach safety. The next moment we believe she tripped while trying not to stand on a snail and at this point several snails moved in and took a bite of her arm. She shouted out an indignant cry, but there was just nothing we could do”

Profesionals are working on an Antitoxin in case there are further bites or Andrea’s condition gets any worse.

The Major of the area Sir Saturnino Martinez has instructed escargot specialist Dr Augustus Randell to come up with a solution within one week otherwise he will have no choice but to exterminate.

The thought of extermination has already started protests among animal rights groups in the area.

We will update you as we know more

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