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Counterfeit Goods Sold in Fuerteventura

Officers of the Guardia Civil report this week that three foreign nationals aged between 37 years and 47 years have been arrested for manufacturing and selling clothing with counterfeit brand names.




The Items were being sold in Caleta de Fuste. The market value of these clothing items if sold to customers would reach a value of around 217,000 euros.

It appears that one of the accused used an automatic embroidery machine in their property in Caleta de Fuste to add well known brand names to clothing items, which were then sold to several shops in this locality. Several shops were found by Guardia Civil officers to be selling fake clothing items, as well as high end brand watches, and the embroidery machine used as evidence of this fraud was also discovered in one of these shops.

The Guardia Civil reports that this investigation involved the Anti-Piracy Commission of the Ministry of Culture and the Fiscal Patrol and Frontiers of Puerto del Rosario. Police agents seized 34 fake high-end brand watches, 29 fake high quality brand bags, and 1056 items of fake designer clothing and other high value fake items.

The embroidery machine memory showed these agents all the different brand name marks and logos, which were used to falsify the clothing and other items created for sale in local shops. The three accused have now been released from police custody pending their trial.


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