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Cheap Fights to the Peninsular

Although Canary Islands residents now have a 75% discount on flight and ferry journeys between the islands, the Government of the Canary Islands wants to extend cheaper journeys for residents to Peninsular Spain.




At present, residents of the Canary Island benefit from a 50% discount on all flights and ferry journeys when travelling to the peninsular.

The Canary Islands Government says that this extra discount would help more residents travel to the peninsular, and that this initiative would also allow more operators to become involved in this market to encourage competition. However, the Nueva Canarias political party claims that extending the bonus discount to include travel to the peninsular could threaten the existing 50% discount. It appears that different political parties need to work more closely together to reach an agreement on a common position for further travel discounts, and that all proposals contributed should be analysed for the best interest of local residents.



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