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Star Wars Update..

Earlier this year, photos emerged of wastelands being filmed on the island of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain. 



The desert climate led many to believe this location could be a substitute for Tattooine, but it appears now that the location most likely has been filling in for Corellia.

The planet has been previously described in now non-canon mythology as a place full of a variety of biospheres, ranging from jungles to forests, but it's possible that the planet has now been relegated to a more tumultuous climate for the upcoming film.

Last month, Howard teased another important location from Star Wars canon, showing what appeared to be a mineshaft and using a caption that claimed it was "spicy." Fans quickly pieced these clues together to determine this was a Spice Mine of Kessel, another location only ever mentioned in passing in Star Wars films.

In addition to this planet being famous for Han and his completion of the "Kessel Run," it was in these mines that Han supposedly befriended Chewbacca, forming a lifelong friendship.