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Livestock Interest

CC asks that "Livestock of The Coast of Fuerteventura" is of regional Interest



The deputy of CC, Mario Cabrera, will defend in the next plenary session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands a Proposal No of Law (NLP) that urges the Government of the Canary Islands to proceed with the declaration of the Livestock of Fuerteventura Coast of autonomous interest.

The Canarian Nationalist Group has recalled in a statement that the model of livestock that is conserved in Fuerteventura goes back, in all likelihood, to 2,000 years ago.

They also indicate that after European colonization this practice was settled for centuries using the unproductive lands that, although denominated as coast, could also include areas of the interior that were not dedicated to tillage CC goes further.

Likewise, as an activity and associated uses can be contemplated the conservation and transmission of the Gambuesas, the organization and development of the pastures, the grazing techniques, the task of the beaters, the neighborhood participation and until the management of the marks and the definition of the property of the offspring.

The nationalists believe that "appropriate measures should be taken to promote their knowledge and appreciation from the educational field, through the development of specific units and didactic resources that allow associating their patrimonial, material and immaterial values, with the characteristics of the natural environment.

In addition, they have emphasized the importance of the students' knowledge of the geographic environment, the history of Fuerteventura, its relationship with the Mahos, the island's former inhabitants, and economic activity in the primary sector.

NLP also proposes to promote measures of collaboration with the livestock groups and institutions involved to ensure the environmental sustainability of this activity and its compatibility with agriculture.


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