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New proposals have been made to resolve the conflicts experienced with holiday rentals in Lanzarote and other Canary Islands


The Canary Islands Government has already made proposals to resolve the conflicts experienced with holiday rentals in Lanzarote and other Canary Islands with the implementation of a participatory process involving local agents, because this is a situation where it is not easy to impose strict orders.

The Tourism Minister, Isaac Castellano, visited Lanzarote on Tuesday and was interviewed by Canarias Radio to explain the problems of holiday rentals on the island. This interview attempted to explain the complex legal situation for tourist zones and residential zones, and especially when local residents are currently living permanently in tourist zones, which is no longer permitted. The law states that tourist zones are only for tourists on holiday, and residents of Lanzarote and other Canary Islands can only live in residential zones.

One of the intentions of this visit was to provide better information about the amendment of the articles of this new decree that was suspended by the High Court of Justice of the Canary Islands, so that tourist customers have clear information about their holiday accommodation zone, the quality of holiday rental accommodation is monitored, and that this does not disturb the normal coexistence of traditionally residential zones. Castellano said that the Government wanted to find a flexible solution to this problem.

The Tourism Minister also replied to questions about the traditional tourism sector that currently feels threatened by Internet companies like AirBnb that have become very popular with tourists. It appears that a study has been commissioned to discover the tourist capacity of the Canary Islands from a very detailed study.

Residents who currently live in tourist zones and those who let rooms and properties to tourists should seek legal advice if they are concerned about the new laws governing rights to live in specific zones.


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