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Simulation of stranding of cetaceans in Fuerteventura

More than fifty international volunteers and from the islands participated in the 2nd simulation of stranding of cetaceans organized by the association of environmental volunteers (AVANFUER) on the beach of Butihondo in the municipality of Pájara.


The simulation was the culmination of the practical theoretical workshop on nesting turtles and first aid to live stranded cetaceans, which included lectures by biologist Patricia Ostiateguide, the association for sustainable development (ADS) and veterinarians Pascual Calabuig, chief veterinarian of the Center for Wild Fauna Recovery of Cabildo de Gran Canaria and Jesús de la Fuente Veterinarian of the University Institute of Animal Health of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (IUSA).

The simulation consisted in the assistance to 5 stranded cetaceans (simulated models) with different pathologies. Its maintenance by first aid until the veterinary evaluation and its subsequent reintroduction in the sea.

The international volunteers were distributed in rapid action groups monitored by a team leader belonging to AVANFUER who applied the techniques of assistance and assessment of stranded cetaceans, approved by the protocols of the British and American marine rescue associations, to subsequently proceed with their reintroduction into the sea by transport dolphins and pontoons for transfer of medium-sized whales ceded for simulation by the Ministry of Environment of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

In the words of event coordinator Tony Gallardo C. "You can only act efficiently if dolphins and whales are spotted on our beaches if we have sufficient human and material resources and practice the right techniques. Because it takes many hands for us to be effective. " He also said that "with this second simulation Fuerteventura begins to be prepared in the part of human resources."

The event was part of a broader program within the II International Meeting of Environmental Volunteers of the Canary Islands that featured conferences and workshops on marine pollution, citizen science, urban agroecology and volunteering in which there was a wide range of volunteers from the Canary Islands, Turkey and Sweden. . The Director General of Youth of the Government of the Canary Islands expressed during the inauguration his conviction that the contribution of young people in this type of activities and meetings will serve to give an important boost to volunteering in the area of ​​environment, committing to support the consolidation of the environmental volunteer forum in the coming years.


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