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Charity travels

An epic charity challenge launched by students from the University of Glasgow ended with the victors making it as far as Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands after starting the challenge with no cash.


The GUCFS ‘Jailbreak’ event was created by Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show to raise money and awareness for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, and has so far raised over £2780.

A total of 36 students took part, breaking up into seven teams with the objective of getting as far 

Student Molly Barras told Glasgow Live on Friday (November 10) when the event began that she had packed a bikini and her passport. Good job she did as her team, aptly named The Globetrotters, made it 3148km away to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

Enjoying the sun in Fuerteventura, Molly told Glasgow Live: “We started collecting money when we got on the Subway and we went to Buchanan Street and into the Galleries and around the offices for eight hours to raise money.

"Then we took a free bus ride to Glasgow Airport and bought ourselves tickets on the next flight to The Canaries.”

Meanwhile, other teams made it across Europe, to places like Dublin, London, Aberdeen, Malaga and Brussels, with the team that made it to Belgium hitchhiking the whole way there.



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