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Fish poachers in Fuerteventura

The Environmental Protection Agency, in cooperation with the Fuerteventura police forces, have exposed and reported ten fish poachers


In Punta de los Pozos in Puerto del Rosario, two illegal fishermen were caught who have neither a hobby nor a private licence. They had caught 30 kilos of fish, especially parrotfish (vieja), with a net 30 metres long. - Also in Punta PiedraCal, three fishermen used an 80-metre-long net with which they had already caught 32 kilos of fish, mainly parrotfish, out of the water. The third discovery took place in Montaña Roja in the municipality of La Oliva, within the CorralejoNaturePark.  Five men were denounced for illegal underwater fishing.  The catch and five harpoons were seized.  Fish and seafood poaching is punishable by fines of between €301 and €60,000.



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