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The Unusual Canary Islands

A book gathers research on phenomena on the islands 55 unusual stories that happened in the Canary Island “The unusual Canary islands.



The Canary Islands is a land of legends and mysteries, but also of incredible stories that, however, researchers consider true. Fifty professors from both universities collaborate with different articles in the unusual Canary Islands, a book in which "reality overcomes fiction

Huge birds, giant squids or extremely large rats coexisted on the islands in past eras. But they are not the only "beasts" of which there is evidence.

Above them abounds the first part of the book Canarias unusual. Beasts, phenomena and calamities. A volume in which fifty teachers from both universities collaborate with their research.

arities of the climatology, "strange" epidemics and devastating phenomena make up the second part of the edition coordinated by Juan Francisco Delgado. "It's a job that started in 2004, but since I've always complied with what I tell the researchers, everyone wants to collaborate. Coordinating 50 experts is laborious, but it was more difficult to involve the institutions. The seven councils support it, "explained Delgado.

The initial project of this book was to collect stories about "big animals, about beasts", but as advanced, says the coordinator of the edition, "they were adding more and more on pests, calamities ... And as we did not want everything was about death, there arose, for example, the story of the werewolf of Tenerife. In addition, there are stories of all the islands ».

Delgado recognizes that many of the stories are impregnated with myths and legends, however, he warns, the stories in this volume are scientific articles. «We want to make clear that the book collects real facts. There are only four stories arrived through the oral tradition, that is why we have taken them with tiptoes ", and added," but fiction there is nothing, because those stories are collected in different documents ".

Among the stories that are collected in unusual Canaries is that of Pedro González, a Tenerife born in 1537 given as a gift to Enrique II days before he was crowned King of France. González suffered hirsutism, a disease currently called Ambras syndrome. The "strange" landing of a Selenite balloon is also collected and the effects of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 in the Archipelago are abundant


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