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Immigrants - A Record!

 A study showed that record numbers of immigrants have attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea from north Africa between January 1 and November 19 this year.


The study published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Tuesday and which is reproduced on the website of Spanish national TV network (RTVE) on Thursday showed that between January 1 and November 19, a total of 18,818 immigrants were able to reach Spain, with around a thousand of them being rescued from the waters off the southeast coast last weekend.

It is the highest number of people crossing to Spain since 2006 when 39,180 immigrants crossed to Spain, with 31,678 of those travelling to the Canary Islands, and is slightly below the 19,176 who arrived during the same period in 2003.

In contrast, it is much higher than the approximately 8,000 people who were able to make the crossing in 2016.

Director of IOM in Spain, Maria Jesus-Herrera told RTVE that "more perspective" was needed in the analysis of the causes of the wave of immigrants, but added that the chance of a better economic situation was key for many willing to risk their lives.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Interior Ministry said that 55.8 percent of immigrants had come from sub-Saharan Africa, with 23.1 percent from Morocco and 20.9 percent from Algeria.

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