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A Shady Liquid

Fears for tattoo-loving Brits in Tenerife and Las Palmas as cops smash network selling illegal ink that could be toxic


Police in the Canary Islands have confiscated 4,000 containers of unregulated ink and raided dozens of tattoo parlours

So far, 43 people have either been investigated or arrested in connection with the scam and around 4,000 unregulated ink containers seized. Officers have not specified whether there is any health risk to those who received tattoos with the illegal products, which are lacking health and safety checks.

But they have sent out a warning to urge people only to use properly registered salons.

Tattoo inks are subject to tough regulations in Spain and are regularly evaluated their safety, including toxicity levels.

Police said: "These are fundamental aspects to ensure the safety of the product and that its use does not represent a risk to health before being authorised and used by consumers."

The arrests were made as part of an operation codenamed "Eternal Ink" after police found 16 cans of the shady liquid on a man heading for Fuerteventura from Gran Canaria on a ferry.

Raids were then carried out at a tattoo shop in Las Palmas, where the owner is alleged to be the main distributor around the Canaries.



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