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Dog helps to save boy from well

Mario, a young man of 13 fell into a well approximately 25 meters deep in the municipality of Tuineje, and only suffered scratches on various parts of his body. His dog, a cocker spaniel named Kira, alerted his family by barking madly and led them to the mouth of the shaft where he had fallen in. Mario always goes for a walk in the area with his dog. Kira. Passing near the well, which is without any protection, he tried to see if any wild pigeons were nesting in the stonewalls. He stepped on a stone, that was at the mouth of the well and it gave way and he fell in. Mario thought he would die as he had no means of escape. He started shouting the name of the dog and she started barking. Once in the water, Mario had the sense to take off his clothes to help stay afloat, while still calling Kira. The insistent barking of the dog led the boy’s uncle, Antonio Perez, to the mouth of the well. He immediately threw him a rope to attach to himself so he could be rescued. A neighbour alerted the local police Tuineje, whose officers arrived a few minutes being called. Then the members of Civil Protection, Guardia Civil and an ambulance from the SCS arrived. One of the members of the Civil Protection entered the well to rescue Mario, who was transferred to the Health Center of Greater Tarajal and subsequently sent to the General Hospital. No serious injuries were found and Mario only suffered some bruising. Tuineje municipality has more than 500 wells without proper protection, causing a serious hazard to people and wildlife. Marios accident has reopened the debate about the serious danger posed by these excavations, most of them abandoned. Tuineje City Council had ordered owners to fence or seal wells, water tanks or ponds, but there are still more than 500 without any protection. Local Police are continuously receiving numerous complaints by locals about the many wells that are not covered or have no security fences, which results in great danger for residents and people passing through these places who are unaware of them.