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Dengue and Yellow fever outbreak??.

ALERT issued as deadly mosquito found on Canary Islands..............



THE mosquito that spreads the potentially deadly dengue and yellow fever viruses has been discovered in the Canary Islands at the start of its high season.

Regional health officials sounded the alarm after discovering Aedes type mosquitoes behind the spread of the painful diseases on the holiday island of Fuerteventura.

The insect - the Aedes aegypti - can also spread other viruses common in tropical and sub-tropical areas including Zika fever, Mayaro and Chikungunya which has no cure and like the other viruses associated with the mosquito causes fever and severe joint pain.

A small pocket of the mosquitoes, which in 2005 were blamed for 30 cases of dengue fever on Cristiano Ronaldo’s native island of Madeira, were detected on a private estate called Las Granadas near to Fuenteventura Hospital in the island capital Puerto del Rosario.

In 2010 they were also linked to an outbreak of dengue in Cape Verde, another destination which has become increasingly popular with British tourists in recent years.

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