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Invasive mosquito

Despite the headlines of some media, mostly provincial, the invasive mosquito detected by the health authorities, is not a carrier of Dengue or any other tropical disease.



To be a carrier of a disease must have come into contact with the disease and that is "impossible on the island of Fuerteventura," according to health authorities.

 Apparently, the mosquito enters the island "probably in import plants, since it is impossible for them to arrive by air from Africa. You have to understand that their life cycle is very short, and they cannot fly so much, "they continue," what comes in is the eggs, surely in some plant, "says the Director General of Public Health, José Juan Alemán.

It is important to eliminate the invasive species, but in this case the most that can happen is that the bite of this mosquito produces a sting greater than normal, that is, a more virulent reaction to the bite", says Miguel Rodríguez, Director Insular of Health.

These mosquitoes originate from more tropical places and with a higher humidity level than in Fuerteventura, so it is easier to control and eradicate them on the island.

 The deposit of their eggs is done in containers that contain "clean" water (vases, pots, cans, bottles, plates, buckets with water from the pot). The eggs hatch in 2 or 3 days becoming larvae under favorable conditions of temperature and humidity. Therefore, an appeal is made to the population to monitor these places and warn the health authorities for their eradication.


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