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Festival For Children on the Island

During this holiday season, the Children’s Festival of Fuerteventura arranged its annual Festin or Feast for local children at the Palacio de Formacion y Congresos de Puerto del Rosario.


There were six spaces used for this family entertainment with simultaneous, individual and group activities taking place during the late afternoon.

This festival was produced by local group Clapso and included wizards, clowns, puppets, a picnic area and a mini train. There were also makeup workshops and mask workshops for children, and ‘elves’ gave groups of children a guided tour of the secret places of the Palacio de Formacion y Congresos, which included the dressing rooms and hidden rooms of the Symphony Hall.

In the Chinchilla Room, there were magical toys used to tell stories with songs, and the event ended with the performance of a musical.

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