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Jet Fuel Sprayed on Luggage

Bristol Airport travellers' holidays ruined as jet fuel is sprayed on luggage minutes after TUI flight lands in Fuerteventura



The last things you want when you have just arrived on holiday is to find your luggage has been soaked in a nasty substance.

Unfortunately, this was the fate which befell holidaymakers from Bristol who had just touched down in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands on a TUI – formerly Thomson – flight from Bristol Airport

The passengers were horrified to find their suitcases doused in jet fuel as they came off the luggage carousel on arrival.

 TUI representatives at the hotel told affected passengers – who were wearing the same clothes as the day before – to go and buy more clothes and they would be reimbursed.

They were given new suitcases while their sodden clothes were dry cleaned – however, this was to no avail as they still smelt of jet fuel.


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