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Jelly fish alert.

Health chiefs have issued a warning after a particularly nasty type of jellyfish was found on the Lanzarote island of La Graciosa.


Swimmers were urged not to go into the water for a while because the so-called false jellyfish Physalia physalis, also known as the Portuguese frigate, has a very painful sting.

A number of them were found along the island’s coastline and in Caleta de Famara at a time when carnival events were being celebrated so there were big crowds. It was feared that the currents might bring in more of the jellyfish so an alert was issued by the emergency committee.

The Cabildo says care should be taken if a jellyfish is spotted and they should not be touched. If there is no warning out, the find should be reported to the nearest officials. Children and the elderly in particular should not be allowed into the water.



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