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The Government of the Canary Islands announced this week that the pier of Gran Tarajal in Tuieneje in Fuerteventura will return to normal before the summer season following the damage caused by sunken boats after the recent winter storms in February and the pollution that this caused.


The Government announced that samples and analyses in the port will be continued for a year to verify the quality of the water, sand, sediments and marine species found in this area of Gran Tarajal Port.

Currently, work continues to decontaminate the area where six boats still remain between a sunken and semi-sunken state, which will need to be cut away and then scrapped.

The passage of Storm Emma across Fuerteventura between 28 February and 1 March left 8 of the 9 boats docked in the port either sinking or stranded. Local reports suggest that within these boats there had been 147 tons of diesel in their tanks, although most diesel fuel was housed in three boats.

The subsequent contamination of oil slicks and garbage from these boats was made worse by the action of the waves and wind, although most pollution was confined within the port, and only some small light spots of pollution were left in the open sea.


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