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Higher and Higher!!!

They had a greenhouse of 400 marijuana plants - yes you read that right, 400 plants!!

  Agents of the National police have arrested two men, 35 and 38 years of age and Polish and Austrian nationality respectivelyas alleged perpetrators of a crime against the public being the alleged health responsible for a plantation of marijuana in an abandoned industrial building in Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura).

The detainees had 413 plants of marijuana, that they have been, along with systems of ventilation, extraction and artificial lighting to accelerate growth, according to the National police in press release.

The arrest occurred when a woman who walked the area with her son rang the police and informed them that an abandoned industrial building close by was emanating an unbearable smell.

The police officials identified two people, of Polish and Austrian nationality and found them to be responsible for the warehouse.


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