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New Animals Arrive

The Oasis Park Zoo in Fuerteventura welcomed eight new giraffes this week!



This arrival followed an eight-month training period for 40 people, including caregivers, veterinarians and agents of the Guardia Civil Seprona animal division, to help in this complex transfer.

From now on, these giraffes will live in a space designed with the most modern technologies to guarantee their well-being. The renovated facilities for giraffes now doubles their living area to occupy a space of over 3,900 square metres.

Oasis Park Zoo reports that visitors will be able to observe and interact with the giraffes in a very natural way, almost without barriers, as well as different observation points in height to allow closer approaches.

This project is part of the strategic plan of Oasis Park Zoo in Fuerteventura 2018-2019, which includes among its objectives to develop its section for the African Savanna with a space where species that represent this habitat can be observed together, such as elephants, giraffes, zebras and antelopes.

This new giraffe living space is covered with several types of aggregates, among which white sand stands out, so that the giraffes can lie down comfortably, along with the typical red sand of Africa that recreates a natural environment for these giraffes.