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Drug Trafficking Gang in Fuerteventura

 Operation Botavara this week resulted in 13 people being tried for membership of a gang dedicated to drug trafficking in Fuerteventura, which includes five Guardia Civil officers. 


The Prosecution has asked the court to consider a total of 190 years in prison for those accused of drug trafficking within this gang.


This trial relates to an incident in February 2013, when two members of the drug trafficking gang were surprised by Guardia Civil officers when collecting drugs from a boat that had run aground on El Cotillo Beach. This boat had been one ton of hashish on board that was divided into 29 bales.

The investigation called Operation Botavara then identified the private homes of the gang members and other locations related to this drug trafficking operation across Fuerteventura. The investigators were shocked to reveal five Guardia Civil officers who had become involved in this drug trafficking gang.

These defendants now face sentences of between 8 and 25 years in prison for crimes of drug trafficking, membership of a criminal organisation, falsehood, threats and torture. This trial is due to conclude in June.