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Holiday rentals

The employers of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura hotels, Asolan and Asofuer, have demanded this week that the Canary Islands Government urgently address the serious problem of holiday rentals


They said that this is distorting the market of tourism and housing.

In a statement, Antonio Hormiga, President of Asofuer and Susana Perez, President of Asolan clarify their desire to alert not only the social problems generated by the lack of housing for residents, but also of the imbalance that is occurring in the market and its negative impact on the tourism sector.

This demand claims that local homes are placed on the holiday market illegally, whose number amounts to 31,675 homes, 131,032 beds for these islands, and accounts for 22% of the supply of beds.

It is claimed that the existence of this uncontrolled offer of holiday rental properties is causing a change of direction that affects the economic prospects generated by the segment of illegal tourist rentals on the islands, and reflected in hotel occupancy since the end of last year.



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