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Cheaper phone calls!

This week European State Governments and the European Parliament agreed to reform the costs for EU citizens when making international phone calls to other countries in the EU

This is also for when sending text messages, as charges are considered to be disproportionately high.

Therefore, the reforms agreed would mean residents of countries in the EU would be protected with a cap on the cost of text messages and phone calls to other countries in the EU with a cap of 6 centimos for sending a text message, and a cap of 19 centimos per minute for phone calls.

The EU policy that abolished roaming charges across EU countries in 2017 was widely popular for people taking holidays in other countries, as well as those who work in other EU countries. This new initiative is also expected to be welcomed. However, this new initiative is part of bigger package of changes to be agreed by EU leaders in October 2018 that will include the encouraging the growth of superfast fibre optic broadband and 5G telecoms across EU countries.

Finnish Member of the European Parliament said “No more overly expensive calls and SMS! Today we decided to put a cap on prices if you call or text another EU country from your home. Good step forward!”

However, most phones already have the capacity to send messages and conduct voice calls for free between EU member states by using data-based services, such as WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram.

Lib Dem Member of the European Parliament Catherine Bearder said “This is yet another benefit of our EU membership we risk losing if we leave.”

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