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Technology Park update.

This week the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque, visited Fuerteventura to attend the presentation of the Canary Islands Geo Innovation Programme 2030


He explained that one of his objectives was to support technological industries throughout Spain, because local and regional initiatives can help solve the problems for the whole of Spain, and increase the market of our industries.

In one of his first speeches as head of the Science portfolio, Duque described the Canary Islands Geo Innovation Programme 2030 as an initiative that must be seen as an opportunity for the rest of the country.

Pedro Duque said “I’ve been only few days, or rather hours, in this exciting new challenge, but today I wanted to be here to have a first contact with an initiative involved with technology that aims to generate value and provide better services for citizens. I wish you all the luck of the world for this programme, because your initiatives and your technological developments can help solve the problems of others, and increase the market of these industries that are going to develop.”

The President of the Government of the Canary Island, Fernando Clavijo, thanked the Minister for supporting this initiative and said “We want to attract and retain talent, generate added value and seek solutions to problems using technology and public universities.” He continued to explain that the fragmentation of the territory and the distance of the Canary Islands from the Peninsular make it very difficult for the private sector to have a real impact in generating research, development and innovation, which is why the public sector and universities must make up for these deficiencies.”

The Canary Islands Geo Innovation Programme 2030 will be developed in the Technology Park of Fuerteventura and has a budget of 40 million euros, where 25 million has been funded by the Island Government. The initiative aims to find solutions applied to the intelligent management of the Canary Islands through observation of the land, air and maritime environment.

This programme aims to attract private investment to create unique technological products and to create high quality jobs, and look for solutions to local problems that could be extrapolated to other places, such as controlling maritime discharges, monitoring microalgae pests, monitoring the health of the sea, improving emergency services and assistance on beaches and island trails, or find solutions that promote mobility on the islands in a sustainable manner.

The deadline for the collection of ideas will be 17 July and in the autumn the first tenders will be awarded.


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