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New Football Stars From the Island

The scout of the Premier League, Carlos Karani, gathers the best footballers of Fuerteventura in the Municipal Field of Antigua. 


The Councilor for Sports, Fernando Estupiñán along with the president of the Football Club of Antigua, Juan Carlos García Ruiz, have coordinated all the necessary steps to ensure that this Friday morning the Municipal Football Field became the place chosen by the scout of the English Football Federation, Carlos Karani, to gather a dozen of the best football cadets of Fuerteventura, among which is an exceptional American footballer resident on the island and already claimed by other teams of first choice.The councilman thanked in the field, the visit of Carlos Karani, Agent of the Royal Spanish Football Federation with 23 sports degrees and Agent also of the English Football Federation to detect and train football talents that can train with the elite and play in the first soccer leagues. The purpose of gathering these players here is to observe their game and technique to also indicate what kind of game and technical base they need to train to play in the professional cadet league, explains Karani.In this first contact with the players, says the scout, I have been able to confirm his quality, especially two of them also highlighting a cadet player of American origin that has an excellent level. Everyone has a chance if they work on the advice given and will be in a new contact in about three months when deciding who can attend a test to play with the professional cadet team of the Premier League, adds Karani.Councilman Estupiñán and Karani agreed in their brief meeting this morning in Antigua, that sport can always be a professional outlet for players who stand out from the average, but without forgetting that even these, need studies and professional training as a basic pillar in his life, because, adds the councilman, we must never forget that the best player will always be the one who enjoys the most.

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