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Can Fuerteventura denounces the lack of protection of Lobos Islet

In September 2017, Podemos presented a motion in the Cabildo de Fuerteventura to protect and mark the bathing areas of the island of Lobos, north of Fuerteventura, as well as to control the excess of visitors, which can not exceed the capacity of load of 200 people per day, as stated in the PRUG (Master Plan for Use and Management).

Last Friday, counselor Briansó, together with several militants, visited the island from 08:00 hours and monitored the two hot points of entry for both legal and illegal vessels. At 11.00 in the morning the visitors already quadrupled the capacity of allowed load, being to this hour 909 people those that had entered so much in the official official boats as in zodiac smaller but loaded with visitors.

Briansó says that the total number of boats that  arrived at Lobos on Friday was 103 and the number of visitors is 1,327. According to the crew of some of the legal boats that anchor in front of the dock,  on Saturdays and Sundays the number is doubled, surpassing the two thousand people on the island.

In the day of investigation, We Can Fuerteventura could certify at first hand other problems derived from the lack of control: " The boats sail at speeds exceeding 30 knots in areas where it should be less than 3 knots . In addition, they skid in the water as if it were a game, without thinking about the human lives that can truncate with a blow from a boat at this speed ".

"We continue asking for the same as we requested the Fuerteventura Cabildo, which approved this motion and it seems we will spend another summer seeing how losing one of the virgin islands richest in marine biodiversity and endemic species of plants and birds," argued the counselor of Podemos.

"We propose once again a strict control of visitors, the beaconing of the bathing areas, with special care of the Puertito area, restricting access to boats and allowing only disembarkation at the main dock".

The purple group also requests the assignment of an environmental agent exclusively for Lobos that controls the cargo on the island, the illegal vessels and the speed of navigation of the ships.

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