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Deaths from drowning

Currently, the Canary Islands holds the dubious record of the highest number of deaths by drowning in Spain


Fuerteventura is regarded as the coastal accident black spot of the archipelago. The beach of Costa Calma in Pajara is one of the worst black spots in terms of death at sea in the Canary Islands.

Therefore, this week the Government of Fuerteventura launched its safety and prevention campaign called ‘Canarias, 1,500 km of Coast’. This project aims to make the Canary Islands a destination of full excellence by implementing techniques to prevent drownings in beach resorts.

‘Canarias, 1,5000 km of Coastline’ is a video made up of 15 one minute presentations to highlight common risk situations and to share tips for safely swimming, which are recorded in six languages.

In this safety campaign, the Government of Fuerteventura takes another step of security and prevention of drowning that will be shown in various centres across the island, and wants to turn Fuerteventura into the first ‘Protected Water’ of the European Union.


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