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Drug Arrests

Policia Nacional announced that they have arrested a man of 24 years and a woman of 27 years in the Municipality of Puerto del Rosario, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of drug trafficking


Both have no previous police records.

It is reported that a police patrol car stopped their vehicle, and after a security search, police discovered 30 plastic wrappers that contained 332 grams of cocaine and 15,325 euros.

These events were triggered when a police patrol was carrying out preventative crime and observed a vehicle that was travelling erratically. It is reported that inside the vehicle, a man was sitting at the wheel and a woman was sitting the passenger seat, and having a heated argument while driving.

Immediately, the officers ordered the driver to stop the vehicle in a safe area, and then proceeded to identify the occupants. In the security search, the plastic wrappers were hidden inside the man’s clothes, and found to contain cocaine.

In the bag owned by the woman were more plastic wrappers containing cocaine, as well as 15,325 euros in cash. Both were then arrested and accused of drug trafficking.

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