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Electricity to rise again.

It was reported this week by experts from EcoluzConsultores that electricity bills in the Canary Islands are forecasted to continue to rise.


Costs reached an historic high in August, but increases in costs of electricity will continue in September.

It is reported that those most affected by rising electricity prices are those for households and companies with regulated tariffs, and known as the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (PVPC).

These rises in electricity are believed to be associated with rising costs of coal and oil, and these experts recommend a stronger emphasis on renewable energy sources, and reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

Other recommendations from these experts include asking home owners and small businesses to monitor the levels of electricity currently consumed, and seek solutions to make the use of electricity more efficient at home and at work. These could include using more LED lighting, turn off electric items left on standby all day, and turn off lighting when not needed, as well as slightly reducing the temperature of hot water cisterns and slightly raising the temperature of air conditioning units. The other solution proposed to overcome rising costs of electricity is for home owners and small businesses to consider their own solar voltaic panels.