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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Canarian Cheese & Wine

The Canary Islands produce about 65 million liters of wine per year with 61 million liters being consumed here. Also 9 kilos of the island cheeses are consumed per person a year, where as the mainland average is 7 kilos per person. Two publications in digital format are on the Web of the ICCA (, to show the different cheeses and wines. The guide `Cheeses of the Canarias' gives information on the different cheese factories on the Islands, and explains the characteristics of each product (tender, cured, semi cured) and lists any prizes they have won. At present there are around 500 cheese factories in the Canaries producing 1,700 tons of cheese. The Manual of the wine consumer in the Canary Islands details canarian wines and the importance of grape growing in the Archipelago. It also explains how to interpret a label, how to store and conserve the wine and how to appreciate a good wine. Also it lists a guide of wines and warehouses on the Canary Islands.

Health & Safety at a religious festival

Agents of Citizen Security monitored the celebrations of the Virgin of the Carmen in Morro Jable. Two employees of Citizen Security watched over the event on yellow and white jet skis, and wearing an official reflective vest.

Man arrested for knife attack

A man, 26 years old, is in a serious condition after being stabbed in the throat. The attack took place on the Carmen de Morro Jable Street, in the municipality of Pájara. A man was arrested shortly afterwards by the Guardia Civil on a nearby street. It is reported that there have been problems between the two Moroccan families before, although there seems no reason for this attack. The man, after being stabilized at the health centre in Morro Jable, has been transferred by a medical helicopter to the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria due to the gravity of the wound.

IT training centres open in Fuerteventura

The Project `Semilla', designed for the promotion of new developments has been distributed in a network of Telecentros of Fuerteventura, 52 telecentros are located in cultural centers, libraries, youth centers, etc. of the different city councils. The Telecentros provide equipment, with connection to Internet for free. The programs objective is to spread the use of the Internet and the new technology of communication between the citizens. A selection of courses are available, such as basic computer science, Excel, use of other packages, making DVDs and CDs.

Man dies off Pajara beach

A bather of 50 died after suffering a cardiac arrest in the waters off a beach in Pájara. La Playa de la Pared was the scene of the incident, which was reported by other holidaymakers who were in the area, who brought the man out of the water. Two ambulances attended the scene. The crews tried resuscitation but were unsuccessful.

Sandcastles in the sun

The Mayor of Antigua, Gustavo Berriel, has finally lodged all the required paperwork with the Costas department in Madrid to start on the improvements to the beach in Caleta.


Man drowns off Corralejo

A man aged 46 drowned last Friday in Corralejo, according to the Emergency Services Coordinator. An ambulance was dispatched but efforts at resuscitation were unsuccessful.

New flight prices announced

From 4th November '09 Easyjet willl be flying to Fuerteventura from Stanstead. The flights will be on Saturdays and Wednesdays, with a one-way flight costing £34.99. Also Monarch have announced new services from 19th October '09, out of Gatwick, Luton, Manchester and Birmingham airports, until 27th March '10 with fares starting from £52.99 one-way and £90.90 return.

Summer University resuming

Resuming this July will bethe Summer University, run by the Cabildo and the two Canarian universities, after years of absence. The Summer University will offer students and other residents on the island the opportunity to enroll in six different courses, primarily focused on the sustainability of the land, the environment or climate change.

New facilities for the disabled

The users of the Occupational Center and the Disabled Residence Island Disabled were the first in testing, at Los Pozos beach, the aquatic chairs that have been acquired by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura and the Social CajaCanarias Work. These are 14 chairs specially designed to facilitate water bathing at the beach for disabled persons, which have been shared between each municipality, 2 each, with the other two going to the Island Home for the Disabled.

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