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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Pilgrimage held in Pajara

For 30 years the Virgin has been carried on the shoulders by the residents of El Cardon in the municipality of Pájara to their sanctuary, which is located in a cave on the mountaintop, where according to legend she appeared to former residents who lived in the area. Hundreds of pilgrims, in traditional dress, came morning to the small town from all areas of Fuerteventura. Devotees gathered in the square to get the image of the Virgin carried up the mountainside. From being a local event it has grown in importance for the entire island. Using the old trail that leads to the shrine, the devotees defied the heat and fatigue and travelled a path that extends about four miles, bringing to the Virgin to rest. Along the way were the traditional stops at points marked with circles of stones. Here, pilgrims prayed and sang. For two hours, the pilgrims moved the statue of the Virgin to its destination. Once at the top, after depositing the image in her sanctuary, they held a BBQ, before the descent.

Mother found not guilty of murder

A jury in La Palmas found a woman suffering from schizophrenia not guilty of the murder of her 5 month old baby, who was thrown into a ravine on Fuerteventura in May 2008. However they have made her go to a psychiatric hospital for at least 15 years. As there are none on the islands she has been transported to the mainland for this term.

Water cut off in Nuevo Horizonte

A group of 289 residents of Fuerteventura Park complex located in the area of Nuevo Horizonte, in the municipality of Antigua, have been without water for 15 days after a decision by the company that supplies water to Antigua, to cut off the supply for an accumulated debt. There is a battle between the owners, management board of the previous owners and the community, which has been going on years. So the accumulated debt totals about €100,000, as most of the owners of the apartments live off the island it is very difficult to resolve. However, the decision has meant that 85 neighbours who have paid their bills have also been deprived of the water supply.

Tindaya project get one step closer

The planning and environment committee (COTMAC) has approved the Monumental Mountain Project at Tindaya. This is an essential step before the final approval of the Monumental Project planned by the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida, who wishes to tunnel into the mountain to make an art museum. However, restoration of natural areas affected by the mining activities and construction of the art museum is insisted upon. Tindaya's Natural Monument covers an area of 186.7 hectares of the municipality of La Oliva. This protected area is home to areas of heritage significance; as well as being a sanctuary for Aboriginal beliefs, the area has a high scientific value for its volcanic origin and is the place where many rare species of flora and fauna live.

New Police Station remains closed

The new headquarters of the Guardia Civil in Corralejo remains closed even though work was completed eight months ago. The new building saw an investment of around €6 million, although the ground was given by the Municipality of La Oliva. It was announced that the opening of the new headquarters would be in October last year but months have passed and the new units remain closed. Despite this, the Guardia Civil officers, both Public and Maritime Service, continue in the former units that do not meet the conditions to offer a service worthy of the public.

Local Artist is presented with an award

The painter Pepe Dámaso was given the Award 'Betancuria Historical Capital of the Canary Islands' high in the Betancuria summits, from the viewpoint known as the Corrales de Zamora, at the foot of the statues. He received the award from the mayor of Betancuria, Marcelino Sardinia, and the president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, Mario Cabrera. The annual award is given by the City Council of Betancuria to recognize the work of individuals or entities that have developed a career in the area. Pepe Damaso said at the time "I must recognize and thank those who have chosen me for this award. And I am especially grateful to be here in Fuerteventura, whose inhabitants have fought against development and speculation. " The painter said "I intend to present my collection of Heroes of the Atlantic in an exhibition on the island, that looks to one side to the beaches of Cofete and the other to the vastness of the Atlantic, a privileged place."

Locals dance to celebrate Canaries Day

Thousands of people dressed in traditional costumes took to the street, Avenida Maritima Puerto del Rosario, to participate in the traditional dance of Taifas, an event to celebrate Canarias Day. Performances were given by the Music School of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, The Mejunje and Belet, and other groups associated with Fuerteventura playing their folk music. The new site was much more attractive than its predecessor, especially for the comfort and safety of those attending. At midnight fireworks were let off to celebrate, and there were prizes for the best costumes.

Weird News

A 54 year old man was found dead of a heart attack in a pornography video booth in Germany.
A 42 year old comedian was accidently asphyxiated by inhaling laughing gas while viewing computer pornography.
In a building next to a mosque in Pakistan, the Qadeer brothers discreetly make and market a million dollars worth of fetish and bondage products a year for Americans and Europeans. Even the ladies making them don't know what they used are for and the brothers stated "If our mom knew the nature of our business she would disown us."

EC warning on travel health card

The European Commission has warned holidaymakers not to travel without a European Health Insurance Card this summer, after revealing only a minority of people carry them.
The EHIC, which replaced the E111 form, offers people state-related health care free of charge in any of 27 EU countries. However, only 30% of European citizens have the card.
As an example, the EC claims it will come in useful if you break your ankle dancing in a beach club or while mountain climbing.
The EHIC, though, is not an alternative to travel insurance as it does not cover private medical healthcare or repatriation to the UK.
“It is important for holidaymakers to travel with EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy,” said an EC spokesman.

Fuerteventura declared a biosphere reserve

Natalia Evora, Minister of the Environment, has received the news that the island and much of its seas are now a Biosphere Reserve.This documentation, backed by Unesco, is reserved for the most important environments on the planet. The new Biosphere Reserve given to what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the world, is also one of the largest in Spain, covering 352,812 hectares. Of these, 187,835 are in the marine environment, making the latter the largest at sea under this classification throughout the country. The coastal strip covers five miles from the coast in the west and three miles on the rest of the island, which is a milestone in the conservation of habitats for marine flora and fauna.

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