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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Recycling increases by 24%

The Canary Islands last year recycled 29,000 tons of paper, cardboard and light containers, which is an increase of 24% compared to 2007. Under the motto of “Life in the park”, a campaign to bring awareness back to citizens on the importance of the correct separation of packages in the home as gesture necessary to contribute to the conservation of the environment and the saving of raw materials, has begun. This initiative will tell of the importance of depositing rubbish in its correct container for its later reusability in new products. The Canary Islands obtained one of the best results in Spain last year. They also had the lowest amount of rubbish put in wrong containers, at 17% compared to 25% on mainland. Since the scheme was started (SIG) by Ecomebes, in May 1998 they have dealt with more than 10 million tons of recyclable rubbish.

Fake goods ring smashed

Several officers of the Local Police, entered an establishment in Corralejo, inspecting numerous articles and objects with famous trade marks, and found them to be fakes. The man was arrested because he could not explain, how he had that many articles at cut prices, that ranged between €15 and €40, when their market value should have been between €250 and €470. Several bazaars have closed in Corralejo, from the fear of the same happening to them.

Boat runs aground in Morro Jable

The Rescue Service Pájara rescued the six crew members of a sailboat that ran aground in Jandía. The six crew of the beached sailboat, all of them Swiss, are all safe and well, informed sources at the Marine Rescue. The same source could not clarify the cause of the incident, that ran aground near the coast of Morro Jable, in the south of Fuerteventura.

Rescued Turtle released

A turtle rescued near Los Lobos has successfully been released near Cofete. The turtle had to be rescued having been badly hurt by a large hook. The release of the 70 kilgram turtle is important because it has been equipped with a radiotransmitter that will allow it to be tracked by satellite to detect the behavior of the animal during the next months, this is the first time an operation of this type has been carried out in the waters off Fuerteventura. The release has been carried out thanks to the coordination between the Town hall, the Environmental Observatory of Granadilla, who have implanted transmitters on ten previous occasions, and the recovery center of Injured Fauna of Talierte, where the operation was carried out that saved the life of the turtle. The installation of the radiotransmitter GPS (Global Position System) took place shortly before the release near the Day-care center of Turtles of Morro Jable. The device has an life of four to five months, and the capacity to send information to the satellite every 11 days, because although it is not able to send signals under water, it takes advantage of the times when the turtle breaks the surface to breathe to send its signal. The tracking of the turtle will be carried out from the Observatory of Granadilla by means of the Internet, whose equipment will make a virtual display of all the movements of the turtle. “Thanks to this device we will be able to know much more about the behavior of the animal around Cofete, if it remains in waters off the Island or if it moves towards Gran Canaria or Lanzarote. The resulting information of this study can give important data that will enrich the Project of the  Reintroduction of the Turtle,", said Natalia Évora.

Lobos and the Dunes get new tourist attractions

Over the next few months approximately €380,000 will be invested to improve the environment of Los Lobos and the opening of visitors centres on the Dunes of Corralejo and Los Lobos. Councillor for the Environment, Natalia Evora, said the projects are a continuation of work already underway that is helping improve the entire area, seeking compatibility between people and the preservation of natural ecosystems, and also to enhance the area as a major attraction for tourists. The most important project is the reintroduction of salt plains on Los Lobos. There are various structures that are evidence of the heritage of the island and the various types of human activity that has occurred in the past, we are preserving them for the enjoyment of visitors. They are also renovating three lime kilns.

New Wind Farms approved

The Department of Energy has approved the allocation of new wind farms to produce all the power on Fuerteventura. These will produce 30 megawatts of power. Four companies have been allocated to generate power, Fuerteventura Wind Six Natural Gas, SL (9.2 megawatts), wind Barbanza, SA (7.2), Iberdrola Renewable Energies Canary SA (9.2) and wind power Fuerteventura, SL (4.4 megawatts). These companies can start to build wind farms in the areas known as Morro in Puerto Galera del Rosario III, Pozo Negro in the municipality of Antigua, Puerto Galera Morro del Rosario and La Tablada in Tuineje.

Bank Robber arrested

Local police arrested a man of 34 as the alleged robber of a bank. He was armed with a large knife. Apparently, according to the police, the detainee went into the establishment with the knife, then threatened the cashier and got away just over €2000. He subsequently fled while being pursued by a bank employee, who failed to catch him. The officers questioned locals and established a search of the area with several radio-patrols. After combing the area they narrowed their search to a building in Calle Pizarro. The local police entered several homes, with the permission of their residents, with them helping to locate the robber who was trying to hide. The Civil Guard, with local police officers finally managed to arrest the individual.

Regiment celebrates its 500th anniversary

The Light Infantry Regiment Soria 9,based in Puerto del Rosario since 1996, is celebrating 500 years of military history. The occasion of the military celebration has become a comprehensive program of events that will take place in the cities of Seville, Toledo, Soria, and Puerto del Rosario, all with the special significance that the regiment is considered the oldest in Europe. The regiment was created in 1509 by King Ferdinand V. During the seventeenth century the troops fought in Flanders, France and West German. In the eighteenth century the Regiment took part in the War of Succession in Flanders, and later moved to Spain to fight Portugal against their invasion. In 1711 they left the garrison in Soria, where they get their name. For the performance in the War of Spanish Succession and in the campaigns of Flanders, King Philip V gave them the right to wear a uniform. In the nineteenth century they took part in the War of Independence, War of Africa, Soviet War and the War in Cuba. Soria Regiment participated in the twentieth century in the African campaign with a battalion deployed in the areas of Larache and the Guerra Civil. The military group based in Fuerteventura has 500 soldiers, who are also involved in peace operations.

Fuerteventura needs new ways of promoting itself

A delegate for Europe, of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Eduardo Fayos, said yesterday that Fuerteventura needs added facilities associated with culture, nature and science as a way to react to the crisis and plan a stable future in the industry. The tourist board are used to promoting the beaches, good weather and some cultural elements. He said "We must begin to highlight other elements such as culture, science and the protection of environmental quality. Astronomy plays an important role as it build bridges between science and protection of the earth.

Education Council set up

After the meeting between the president of the Town hall, Mario Cabrera, and the president of the Scholastic Council of the Canary Islands, Orlando Suárez, Fuerteventura will be the first Canary island to start up an Educational Council. During the meeting, Mario Cabrero, reiterated the commitment of the Town hall by insisting that city councils work within the framework to undergo the municipal educational advice of the Educational Council that they presented to the local administrations in October.

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