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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Fears Spainish volcano will Erupt

There are fears the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Islands could be on the verge of erupting and The Emergency Committee has been scrambled after TWO earthquakes in Spain.


Weather from Canaries affecting Kent!

A blast of warm air from the Canaries is set to send temperatures soaring in Kent this week.


Star Wars Update..

Earlier this year, photos emerged of wastelands being filmed on the island of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain. 


Monarch ongoing problems...

 Island swimmers hoping to qualify for next year’s Commonwealth Games have been left in deep water by the collapse of Monarch Airlines. 


Was Forest Fire on Gran Canaria started deliberately?

The emergency services, who say it was one of the most dangerous fires they have ever seen, believe it was almost certainly started “by a human hand”.


Counterfeit Goods Sold in Fuerteventura

Officers of the Guardia Civil report this week that three foreign nationals aged between 37 years and 47 years have been arrested for manufacturing and selling clothing with counterfeit brand names.


Abuse Case Continues

A Man accused of abusing 9 children in Fuerteventura denies having dealt with them


Monarch Refund Unlikely

 The vast majority of Monarch customers will not receive an automatic refund following the firm’s collapse, new figures show.


Monach Update - Many Home Safe Now


34,608 Monarch customers already back in the UK, on more than 173 flights - as of  Today, Thursday 5 October, the CAA plans to bring back 6,885 passengers from Spain. In total, the CAA plan to bring back 10,793 passengers from across all Monarch destinations. 



Cheap Fights to the Peninsular

Although Canary Islands residents now have a 75% discount on flight and ferry journeys between the islands, the Government of the Canary Islands wants to extend cheaper journeys for residents to Peninsular Spain.


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