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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

A Shady Liquid

Fears for tattoo-loving Brits in Tenerife and Las Palmas as cops smash network selling illegal ink that could be toxic

Immigrants - A Record!

 A study showed that record numbers of immigrants have attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea from north Africa between January 1 and November 19 this year.

The Unusual Canary Islands

A book gathers research on phenomena on the islands 55 unusual stories that happened in the Canary Island “The unusual Canary islands.


Black Friday Offers

Your inbox is probably overflowing with Black Friday offers vying to catch your eye. But are these travel deals any good?


Fish poachers in Fuerteventura

The Environmental Protection Agency, in cooperation with the Fuerteventura police forces, have exposed and reported ten fish poachers


Cruise Ship....

More than 3,300 People Visit Fuerteventura on the Aida Prima


Bad weather approaching

From 9am to around midnight on Wednesday, the island of La Palma is under a yellow weather alert.


New Sea link Needed

The head of the Canary Islands Marine Maritime Cluster, Elba Cabreba, said on Monday that the idea of creating a maritime link between the Spanish archipelago and Madeira should be developed.


No More Canary Cockfights!!!

The government of the Canary Islands has drafted new legislation that will prohibit circuses touring with performing  animals and also cockfighting.


Charity travels

An epic charity challenge launched by students from the University of Glasgow ended with the victors making it as far as Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands after starting the challenge with no cash.


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