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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

New Dance Craze Sweeping the Island

There is a new Dance Craze that will soon appear everywhere you look.

Trials of New Transportation Methods

Some amazing new transportation methods have been announced this week - see the first pictures here

Holes Appearing on Toro Beach - Exclusive Report

A strange occurance on Toro Beach has left Big Holes all over the beach - who knows why??

Birthday of An Angel...

The 4th August saw the first Birthday of Penny's 8th Grand Daughter Kaysie Ann

Bus Service strengthened

The Councilor for Transport, Security and Emergencies of the Island Council of Fuerteventura, José Roque Pérez Martín, responding to the residents' demands regarding bus services

Fuerteventura fires up for warm-up GKA Kite-Surf World Tour

After a quick turnaround following the last event in Dakhla just one week ago, the riders and the GKA crew are back in action once again in Sotavento, Fuerteventura, where the third event on this year’s tour began on Monday.

Sands Stolen????

An investigation has been started regarding the removal of white sand from Western Sahara that is transported to the Canary Islands for commercial use.

Beach Closed Corrallejo Centre

Following analysis of the seawater at the Muelle Chico by the Canary Islands Directorate of Health, the Municipality of La Oliva has decided to prohibit swimming from this beach area due to contamination of the water.

Heatwave Alert (again)

We’re only just recovering from last week’s heatwave when the next is being forecast!!

Beach Party 2017

The new edition of the Beach Party is held on 28 and 29 July at Playa del Castillo, with an attractive program of activities from lamañanay and concerts in the evening, night and until dawn.

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