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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Car crash

This week at around 14.54 at along the FV2 at Pozo Negro, in Tuineje Municipality in Fuerteventura, two vehicles collided.

Three year Old Body Found

Mummified body of triathlete missing for three years found on side of volcanic mountain 

Holiday Prize a Scam

A BRITISH couple who thought they had won a free holiday in the Canary Islands say they were duped into paying £5,000 to collect their "prize". 

Astronomers discovery in Tenerife

For the first time ever a comet or asteroid that likely originated from outside our solar system has passed close enough to Earth to be visible by astronomers.

Emergency Travel Documents - An Update

There has been a change for Emergency Travel Documents - please read on

Whale and dolphin excursion offences

15 violations were detected and reported, involving three companies and four persons in just one month

Terrible conditions for animals on a finca

The Guardia Civil's environmental and animal welfare unit, Seprona, inspected a finca in Casillas del Ángel near Puerto del Rosario following a report by a member of the public.

La Palma volcano UPDATE:

 Dissolved gas measured in waters off Canaries after quake swarm

Another air line cancels flights


Norwegian Airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights - are they following Monach?

Theresa May says UK 'does not recognise' Catalan declaration of independence


Prime Minister says in a statement the UK wishes to see 'Spanish unity preserved'

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