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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

New Offices for the Top Man/Woman

The receptive MTS expands its offices in Fuerteventura

Expats votes

The government will today (8 February) restate its commitment to ending the current 15 year time limit on British expats registering as overseas electors.

Oil drilling raises its head again.

In January 2015, the Spanish oil exploration company, Repsol, decided to abandon its search for oil near the coast of the Canary Islands - however they have now changed their minds on this.

Whatever next!!!

The mad dash to secure a sunbed by the beach or pool might soon become a thing of the past for some British holidaymakers, after Thomas Cook unveiled plans to allow tourists to pick their lounger before they have even left home.

Guardia Civil deployment in the snow

More than 30 vehicles with over 70 passengers needed the help of the Guardia Civil rescue unit last Monday

Stormy Weather

Mega Storms in the last week 

Signatures Please

Petition started to Demand a Geriatric Hospital in Fuerteventura

Snow Joke - Stranded

Gran Canaria holidaymakers in emergency rescue as 40 stranded due to SNOW....

Tourist Tax..

Canary Islands to introduce tourist tax? Tenerife and Ibiza could soon cost even more...

Film sets in Canaries

You may not know this, but the Canary Islands are a very popular movie set for Hollywood films.

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