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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Red alert for islands!!

In the light of the latest forecasts by the State meteorological agency Aemet, the Canarian health authority has issued a red alert for Gran Canaria.

No Room With the NHS

A premature baby fighting for life after being born on holiday was stranded abroad because the NHS had no space to bring him home.

Summer Holiday Madness!

A record 2.4 million British holidaymakers are set to travel abroad for their summer holidays this weekend, which for the majority of schools in England and Wales marks the start of the summer break, ABTA has revealed.

Highest Toxic Microalgae Concentration!!!!

Really we hear you cry!! But Yes Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the Canary Islands with highest toxic microalgae concentration!!! SO What Does all that mean??

Fuerteventura murder case trial

Last week, a public jury at the Las Palmas Court unanimously found Henry Danny García Hernández guilty of killing his 24-year-old partner Yessica Paola Gómez

Thanks from Abroad

Bavarian court thanks the Tourist Board and R2 Hoteles for inviting a blind German

Boating accident.

A 35-year-old man was seriously injured at the weekend after being struck by a boat propeller.

Extra flights to the Island

Norwegian Air, the Nordic region's largest airline, keeps growing its reach.

Ryan "Scare"

Dramatic moment as a Ryanair plane hits runway so hard passengers are thrown forward and scream in fear

Temporary accommodation for cancer patients

The Canarian government's councillor for health, José Manuel Baltar, recently visited the new apartment in the La Minilla complex in Las Palmas

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