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Antonia 001Nestled in the sleepy little village of Triquivijate is a new eating experience called simply ´Antonia´ For those of you who knew Don Antionio restaurant in Betancuria you can now enjoy the same amazing cuisine without the long twisty journey up the mountains.

 Special lunch time menu. Smoked serrano ham, goat cheese, tomatoes, spanish salami, potato omelet, pork filet, meatballs, canary potatoes, prawns with garlic, green peppers, bacon with plums, bread traditional red cupsicum sauce and olives. from 2 Pers. 15,00 € pro Pers.

Kira works exclusively with daily fresh and local products and thus the menu changes every day, but you can rest assured that it will be a worthwhile experience.

Bookings are strictly by reservation in order to provide a first class service.

Address: Piedra Blanca 126, 35639 Triquivijate, Antigua, Fuerteventura, Spain.

Phone Number: 644147157



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