El Horno

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When you walk into this restaurant you are greeted by the wonderful aroma of a log fire, which, on the day we went there, has a whole side of ribs roasting over it. El Horno means "the oven" and most of the dishes are roasted or barbequed. It is situated in Villaverde, about 6 km from Corralejo on the La Oliva road.

DSC00299This is a very popular restaurant with locals but that doesn't stop it being open and approachable to non natives. The menu is available in a variety of languages and contains favourites that will appeal to all palettes as well as many local dishes.


 DSC00298For starters we opted for a variety to share. Before they arrived we were treated to home made bread and garlic mayonnaise. I had the field mushrooms garnished with garlic and fresh parsley which had a wonderful smoky flavour. John went for the prawns in garlic butter which arrived sizzling and equally rich in garlic. Lucky for us we were all sharing! Jean wanted to try some local cheeses so ordered a plate of them. These come from a local producer, Huriamen, and comprised of three semi curados, one natural, one matured in gofio, crushed wheat that gives a nutty flavour and the last, a paprika version that adds a smoky infusion.

DSC00301At this point Jean and I went outside for a cigarette as the restaurant is non smoking, but there is a convenient wall to sit on and admire the view. By the time we got back inside, our main courses had arrived and John was well into his. He had ordered the rabbit in local sauce, which he thought was very tasty but as with most rabbits, a little bony.



I had the baby lamb which came served on a bed of potatoes and vegetables that had absorbed all the meat juices. I could have just eaten those on their own! The lamb was delicious though, extremely tender and delicate. I got a doggy bag for the bones, but I think my dog got slim pickings!


DSC00302Jean decided to go native and have the Sunday Special which was the Canarian stew. This comes with a variety of local vegetables - well they don't call this village Villaverde for nothing - including pumpkin, sweetcorn and chickpeas all of which had soaked up the tasty sauce. This was a real plateful.


We didn't have room for desserts but did manage to indulge in a liquer and coffee. We had arrived as the restaurant opened at 12.30 as we'd been told that it gets very booked up, especially on a Sunday. When we left, it was packed, and we had luckily managed to get in before a table of around 30 people. The service was a little too efficient for my taste on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but I can see why and we didn't feel rushed. Prices are around average and with the quality of the food, represent good value for money.

Reservations can be made on 928 868 671.


  • Street: Calle del Centro, 91
  • City: Fuerteventura
  • State: Spain

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