Bus Stop Dave

Sauce for the Gander

Yes, it has been wet and chilly by Fuerteventura standards since the start of the New Year. But be comforted by the fact that, according to the World Health Organisation, this climate is nevertheless one of the healthiest on the planet.

The In-Betweeners

davidayersSixteen and seventeen year olds can be charming, well-informed and great company. It has to be remembered, however, that they are neither children nor adults. Yes, many of them are bright and canny but capable of making decisions on sophisticated issues they are not.

They can’t buy tobacco or use a sunbed, they can’t be held in an adult jail and they have to be in education to age sixteen and soon it will be eighteen and most important of all they cannot vote. Surprisingly then, their opinions may be sought in the imminent referendum on whether the United Kingdom should stay in the EU or leave it (you’ve heard that awful new word Brexit).

No more Cricket

davidayersNothing could be nicer than a small house party with a group of old friends, a few drinks, a few nibbles. Picture then the stupid host who, in a misguided sense of generosity, leaves his front door open to allow anyone from the street to come inside and join his party. In no time at all the drinks and the nibbles have been scoffed, the house is trashed, the valuables stolen and a small fire has broken out in an upstairs bedroom.

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