Grumpy Old Man

I am a frequent visitor to the sometimes peaceful isle of Fuerteventura and there is one chip that is really getting on my old and wrinkling shoulder:

Cyclists and skateboarders!!!!


Skateboarders – we now have nice new pedestrian areas, lovely wide roads and pavements, but are they safer? NO!

Since the old cobbled street out the back of music square has been re-paved it has proved a haven for angst ridden, greasy haired, hoody wearing teenagers on skateboards dodging in and out of pedestrians who thought they were safe from such things.

Now essentially, it is a toy, don’t argue with me children, it is a toy – at a stretch and in the right circumstances maybe a piece of sports equipment BUT NOT IN ANY STRETCH A VEHICLE so why are you on our roads and pavements and why are you playing with your toys in public. There are perfectly good areas to use this equipment in so go to them and play. Would you sit building your Lego on the promenade? No you would do it in your own little room and most importantly; out of my way.

Cyclists in the majority are just as bad, quite happily cycling along ignoring the cycle paths, riding the wrong way down the carriage way or, even worse, to my mind, ride at speed along the promenade “Aveneda Maritima” with no regard to the pedestrians trying to enjoy the sea views that the town has to offer. There we are trying to enjoy the view and you come whizzing along with your sweaty tight latex and irritating bell; thinking that with a few rings we will all leap out of your way. Well let’s put this straight, you are in our way, there are proper lanes for you; Use Them!

For both reckless skaters and cyclists, endangering your own safety is a choice that you can make (and to be honest that is down to you) but to endanger the safety of the old, infirm or young is just plain ignorant and recklessness. I am disabled, hard of hearing, poor eyesight (in fact not much works very well these days ask Mrs Grumpy, there is a reason she’s called that) I walk slowly along in constant fear of one of these people looming up behind me with no warning what so ever. I can’t move out of the way fast just because I hear a yell or little bell ringing and I am sure I am not the only one.

If the police spent more time on regulating these areas to pedestrians only, the town would be a lot safer to walk in. Even in the old town square of Corralejo, on a peaceful evening when holidaymakers are enjoying the relative safety of being able to eat and relax whilst their little ones can roam around, they are constantly threatened by these inconsiderate, practically illiterate, intelligence-less, greasy, stereotypical scruffy baggy clothes wearing youths.

The trouble is it can be hard to communicate with these children; they speak mostly in acronyms, but if asked could any of them explain what an acronym is? I doubt it as they are too busy skipping school to go skating or cycling and getting in my way (ROTFL).

This needs sorting out, what will it take before someone steps in and forbids the misuse of the pedestrian areas? An accident, someone getting seriously hurt, someone’s holiday ruined? I understand there are now designated areas for skate boarding so why aren’t they used? Please will someone in authority sort out this problem before a serious accident occurs?

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