Most visitors to Lanzarote are drawn by the traditional holiday combinations of sun, sea and sand. Many, when they tire of these, will head for the Timanfaya National Park, a stark and dramatic volcanic landscape largely formed by the multiple eruptions which took place between 1730 and 1736.


Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote. Photo: Luc Viatour /

J.H. Wallace visited Lanzarote more than once during her career as a cook on charter yachts based in the Mediterranean, and was struck like many others by the wild beauty of the landscape. The story of the 1730s eruptions inspired her novel Lanzarote, published by Aurora Polruan Books, which is available both in paperback and as an e-book from Amazon and other major online book retailers

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More about the book:

Amid the repressive religious environment of Lanzarote in the early 1700s, Milagro, young, beautiful and naïve, is the target of every man who sees her, including her wealthy stepfather. But when she lets herself be seduced by the handsome outland fisherman, Felipe, she learns how cruel life can be.

Fleeing her mother's oppressive home to bear Felipe's child, she bravely endures a life of hardship and exile. Then this life, too, is torn apart. Volcanic eruptions       ravage Lanzarote, destroying families, livestock, homes and the land itself.

This intense story of the dark underside of human nature confronted with the devastating effect of natural disaster paints a compelling picture that is very relevant in today's world.

 What reviewers say:

“Enjoyed this compelling novel - the main characters kept me hooked throughout...”

“The descriptions take you right there onto Lanzarote amid the smoke and flames, and the people of the island for whom hell-fire has become a reality.”

“She has combined her experiences of life at sea, detailed research and a vivid imagination to make this tragic tale a cracking read - I couldn't put it down.”

“A gripping story of passion and grief, human cruelty and religious bigotry.”

About the author: J.H. Wallace 

J.H.(Jo) Wallace briefly explored the academic life, studying music at Oxford University for a year before decamping to the Mediterranean in search of adventure. Soon based in Antibes, she became a cordon bleu cook on luxury yachts along the Med, adept at catering to the needs of wealthy and demanding charterers. Lanzarote is her first published novel.


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