I perhaps, like thousands of travellers, who’s memories of last year’s holiday in Fuerte are now fading and are thinking about our travel and accommodation arrangements for the return across the miles again. Those more astute travellers have no doubt already booked to ensure the “best price” available for the weeks that suit them best. But believe me for some it’s quite a stressful time.

Should you book with a holiday company and get the package treatment with everything taken care of?  Or do you go independent and select the hotel you would like to return to and a flight that leaves from the UK airport of your choice? ..... (Decisions – decisions)!!!

Someone actually said to me that if you look on line for a flight and think you have got a good deal but don’t book there and then, when you go back a day or so later the price will have automatically increased. It seems the web site that you visit actually remembers your web address and prompts an increase. Poppycock I thought until I tried it. I selected my flights which at first seemed quite reasonable, but then added luggage and a pre-booked seat (which actually doubled the original quoted fare). So without booking I printed the detail to ensure I recorded it properly. I tried again 3 days later selecting the exact flight only to find the price had increased by £27 per person per flight, therefore an increase of £108.00. for the two of us !!! ooooh the perils of not being decisive !

Hotels however seem to be more reliable. Last year I took just one e-mail to our chosen accommodation, and being remembered from previous years, I immediately got the best possible daily price and a 20% discount, which even beat the “rack rent” price quoted by some of the best providers.

Whilst booking with a package with a reputable company may be the easiest option, it sometime means having to vacate you room before lunch on the final day and then having to wait until the evening for the coach transfer to the airport.

Some of us do like to find a flight that suits, a taxi transfer to and from the airport and a great deal at the hotel of our choice. It may be that the prices are comparable but sometimes it’s well worth the effort.

Steve Lashmar.


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