WeddingWe have lived in Fuerteventura for over 10 years and don't visit London very often but, as we were off to a wedding, we needed to arrange some retail therapy. So here is a short summery of our recent holiday!!



 breakfastWe arrived in Gatwick at 00:30 and were picked up by our pre-arranged taxi within minutes and were in our hotel room by 01:30. The hotel offered a "Breakfast in a box" for £4.94, but the restaurant next door was offering an all you want to eat for £3.95, although we were puzzled by the sign above the servery that for another £1.50 we could king size our meal.

 The next day it was off to London's Victoria station. The queues to get out of the station were worse than anything I have seen at Fuerte airport on a bad day so we sat back and had a coffee and waited for the crowds to go. Foolish as there was another train every few minutes so the crowds just got bigger. Eventually we made it outside and hailed a cab.

taxiHailing a cab is easy you just stand at the kerb and wave. The cabby was friendly and talkative but the traffic was horrendous, so he took us a different route and that cost us £25 for a short trip across London. The trip from the airport to Corralejo is only about €40 (Less than £30 at today’s exchange rate).

 We decided to do a little sightseeing while we were here so on to Google and find out the bus to take us to Covent Garden, no busmore taxis for us! The No 243 at 10 past the hour was the best choice. As we were a few moments late we had to wave for the bus to wait for us which he did. Two to Holborn please....

You pay by Oyster was the drivers reply. But we don’t have an Oyster card can we just pay by cash? We don’t take cash, said our driver. Does that mean we can go for free I asked? Lucky for us the driver had a sense of humour; he printed out a “journey break” ticket and told us to get off and catch the next bus. This we did, so we travelled for free to our destination! Thank you from me.

This just left us with the small problem of getting back to our hotel.

oysterOyster cards are £5.00 deposit + money for your journeys, and you need one each! After at least 48 hours you can get a refund on the deposit when you cancel the card, this was of no use to us as were leaving the next day. One helpful soul suggested a one day travel card, too expensive just for a short hop on the bus. How about a single trip ticket, but where do you buy one of these? After several enquires, you can’t!!

After many more enquiries we found out that if your bank card has a contactless facility you can pay by that. So we were set for the return journey, or so we thought!

When we got on the bus for the return journey out came the card, swipe we had paid – one fare - and the system wouldn’t let me swipe the card a second time, But there was two of us! Two people, two different cards! How hard is this getting a bus lark? After a short pause and an impatient queue, the driver said no problem and took us both for the one payment. So thank you Red Bus drivers for your friendly welcome and consideration.

Eating and drinking in London.

coffeeIt has been hard to find an establishment that will serve a coffee for less than £2.50. This is well over the price charged by the Bahia Real five star hotel in Corralejo and you get a plate of carefully crafted biscuits with your coffee for that.

 A glass of mediocre wine costs anything between £5 & £10 for a large glass and if you want to get away from Subway or a burger bar the average cost of a tiny breakfast is £8 and an evening meal about £25 + wine . Also £5 for a bottle of water.

I now know that in order to live in the manor to which I am accustomed Fuerteventura is definitely the place for me. Good food, good wine at a very good price and of course sunshine.

I have to give praise to Monarch airline. We travelled back with family and two nine month old boys. The flight attendants were great, extremely helpful and considerate.

Penny and Mike

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