egg As an avid reader of Fuertenews I present my problem to you all. The eggs here are mostly excellent quality. However my dilemma is, how the dickens do you cook a good boiled egg, one that is served with lovely bread soldiers?

Man can fly to the moon, all sorts of wonderful scientific experiments continue in our world. No-one has developed a method of telling when that boiled egg is of the right consistency, it is all pot luck”. Obviously depending on the size and quality of the egg. A simple exercise but still “pot luck” getting it “just right” as Goldilocks would want.

I have tried 3 minutes in boiling water, 5 minutes from cold to boiling water and several other methods. I recently read that one way is steaming. 6mins for a soft and 11 mins for a hard. Armed with the correct utensils I eagerly steamed 4 large eggs for 6mins. Result – hard boiled eggs!

Frustrated Egg head.

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