The locals on the Island are very superstitious and have many strong (and sometimes eerie) beliefs, over the years many spooky tales have been told. 






For example Tindaya mountain is known as the witches’ mountain, it contains nearly 300 “podomorfos” footprints (foot-shaped engravings), which turn the mountain into one of the largest engraving sites in the planet.  From the top of this mountain, on clear days, you can see Teide Mountain, which ancient inhabitants considered to be Satan’s residence and it might be the target of their rituals, although there are other more plausible theories which relate these footprints with astrological phenomena and Summer and Winter solstices. Other theories speak of nuptial rites … What is undeniable is that this mountain was a ritual site for ancient inhabitants and, therefore, a sacred mountain. At the foot of this mountain 3 permanent settlements with aboriginal remains have been found, research issues still open, remains of cabins or homes, polished shells and carefully crafted pottery, which seems to belong to rituals rather than to household goods. The oral history or Tindaya tells that games, dances and magical-religious rituals, linked to the stars and supernatural forces, were held there.

 It is said that years ago a lady from Casas de Taca near Cotillo was jilted by her lover. She stole his camel and left it at the foot of the mountain. The bones of the camel were late found imbedded in the rock. 

Folk are said to have vanished in the area and their cries can be heard in the wind. They say if you see a ghost, walk around it nine times and it will disappear. (probably because you have got giddy and fainted)

This is a time when many believe the boundary between this world and another could easily be crossed and the souls of the departed may come to visit. Bad luck to turn and face them if they seem to be following you though!

Happy Halloween night. 


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