It’s December again.  Christmas is nearly here.  It takes me back to many Christmases ago - the one that was my first outside the shores of England.





Like many people here I thought that I would never want to be away from my home country, but over the years I came to realise that I was spending so much of my life “Making a living” that I had not got enough time to “Live life”. We were looking so hard for the answers in life but we couldn’t see what was right in front of our noses, that life is the answer in itself. The opportunity to re-assess what we wanted for our future came and we moved to Fuerteventura. We enjoyed the relaxed ways here, the different way that people do the things we did back home.

As December arrived, last year, and Christmas came nearer we started noticing that in the Cannery Islands things were very different! There was so much less commercialism.  So little drive to sell, sell, sell. Christmas here is not so much about Toys, Turkey and Tinsel, but more about the fact that Jesus came down to earth to live as a man amongst us. To be one of us. To grow, like us, take on His earthly fathers profession and be a shaper of wood.  Then when the time came to take on His heavenly Fathers work and become a shaper of men. It reminded me that back in England there is the joke that some people are now trying to bring religion into Christmas.


When you think about it Father Christmas, nowadays, has more to do with high street sales than anything else. Even his outfit is the corporate colours of Coca Cola, in the early days he was dressed in green.  On these Islands it was wonderful to see, instead of the cheap Santa’s Grotto and tacky gifts, that children were re-enacting the first Christmas as they received gifts from the Three Kings just as Jesus did all those years ago.

The answer to all those questions that I used to ask myself lies in the simple things. The awe in children’s eyes as they re live the simple truths of our belief. Just take the time to look and be content. 

Merry Christmas to you all.

From a fellow seeker of truth.




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