I know a couple that lost their luggage recently. It started me wondering how I would feel if my luggage went missing. It is not the financial part of loosing my possessions, although that is bad enough, but more the loss of those shoes that took so long to break in.






 They may be four years old now and not worth much money but they are so comfortable that I don’t want to loose them. I used to have a favourite jumper a few years ago. When it had finally shrunk too much in the wash my daughter took charge of it. I had worn it so many times as we had chatted and held each other that it was “our cuddle jumper”. It gave her a reminder of her family when she was away and comforting memories when she was lonely.

I know of a woman who had a good job, with enough authority to keep her interest. She had a house, a car and a pension scheme that would take care of her when she retired and after work activities that gave her standing in the community. This woman gave it all up to work with a group of people doing overseas ministry. This makes her a “Follower”. I am still looking for my comfortable life, within Christian boundaries, and that is what makes me a “Seeker”. A nun (definitely a “Follower”) with whom I had several conversations about religion was definitely of the opinion that I could not call myself a Christian, as I did not go to church on a regular basis. I also needed to follow several other rules as laid down by the church authorities. Now it may be that I have a problem with authority etc. but it seems to me that some of the rules we follow in our daily lives are there to reinforce others authority over us rather than to help us live better. I was lectured by a policeman, for driving a few yards on a cycle lane. He was not interested that it was safer for me to drive onto the road forward rather than reverse into the oncoming traffic (rules are rules regardless?). As I read the bible, Jesus challenged the religious doctrines that were in force at that time. What would He say if He were to come back today?

May God be with you and in all you do.

A seeker. 


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