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GDPR Info for Holiday Rentals

GDPR webinar header image

A free webinar “Practical Recommendations for Holiday Rental Owners to Prepare for GDPR” offering holiday rental home owners, rental agents and Airbnb hosts a practical guide and roadmap to applying the new EU data protection regulations, GDPR, to their business has been announced.



Vertical Seating Could Make Flying Even more Miserable



The next generation of cramped airline seat could soon hit runways.

Italian seating company Avio Interiors unveiled its Skyrider 2.0, which “allows an ultra-high density in the aircraft cabin”, at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. 

 The design has a reduced pitch, meaning passengers are in a more upright position, rather than sitting as normal.



New curbs on bogus holiday sickness claims!!!



The rules will fix the legal costs that can be claimed in package holiday sickness claims, closing a loophole which the travel industry believes has helped fuel a rising number of claims. This claims epidemic, the industry fears, is raising the prospect of higher travel costs for British tourists.



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