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Why is Friday the 13th unlucky??


 As yesterday was Friday the 13th - we have a look back at the history of this ominous date

Roots of superstition can be traced back to arrest of Knights Templar in Middle Ages, subsequently burnt at the stake and condemning us all to misfortune for the wrongs done to them





Why do birds matter ???



We have many people coming to the island to go birdwatching – we have so many requests for books on birds. We have nesting birds in our bougainvillea at the moment.

There is a map in The Voice each month showing the birds that we have on the island.




Global Warming Effects??

global warming

Whilst driving around the island yesterday with 2 friends who have been coming to the island for 20 years, they remarked how green (relatively speaking of course) the island was - 





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