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15 Surprising Facts About the Canary Islands

canary islands facts


As well as attracting millions of holidaymakers every year, the Canary Islands have a particularly interesting history, dramatic geography, and a veritable goldmine of fascinating facts. Here are 15 of the more surprising things about this Atlantic archipelago.



Ash Wednesday: 5 things you might not know about Lent

ash wednesday philippines

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, when many Catholics will attend mass and receive a cross on their forehead made of ashes burned from the previous years’ Palm Sunday crosses. Following Shrove Tuesday, Lent marks a period of abstinence and fasting before Easter celebrations.

 But here are a few thing that you may not know about LENT - firstly Lent doesn’t last for 40 days



La Gomera - A Trip you will never forget

La Gomera top


There are certain parts of the world that words and photos can’t quite do justice. The tiny, volcanic and barely known Canary island of La Gomera is one of those places, with scenes so dramatic they make Jurassic Park look dull.




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